Aero Testing

Socks4Watts in the Wind Tunnel:
Proving that we are #AeroAF


We took a pair of Aero Unicorn socks to the World Famous A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, USA, to see just how much of a difference they can make to your race. 


To ensure the tests were robust, scientifically controlled and relevant to the every day cyclist, time trialist or triathlete, we enlisted the skills of Aerodynamics expert Dov Tate. Dov is well known in the world of aerodynamics testing, particularly for his world-renowned wheel brand Parcours which is the preferred wheelset of many top athletes.


The Tests

We tested Socks4Watts, standard cotton socks and bare (shaved) legs -

  • All options were tested on the same rider with the same bike setup
  • The rider's position was measured using visual overlay, relayed to the rider to ensure consistency
  • To mimic race-day conditions, we tested across a range of yaw angles, from 0-20deg at 2.5 deg intervals
  • Each test sweep was completed twice, with results averaged



The Results

At 30mph, Socks4Watts save an incredible 5 watts versus standard cotton socks, and over 4 watts versus bare legs -

  • These are 'weighted-average' savings to ensure they are valid for the average wind conditions a rider would experience during a race. For how this is calculated, see the detail on the parcours website here
  • At 20mph this translates to 3.3 watts versus cotton socks 



How much time will this save you?

Perhaps the most useful metric is how much time our socks will save you in a race or time trial -

  • Over an ironman distance bike leg, Socks4Watts will save you on average 68 seconds versus cotton socks - just consider how far you can travel on the road in 68 seconds! This saving is valid for most rider speeds (slower riders are on the course for longer, and therefore experience the benefits for longer)
  • Over a 40k time trial, Socks4Watts will save you 15 seconds - that's often the difference between 1st and missing out on a podium position


Value Proposition

At an RRP of just £14.99, that puts Socks4Watts at just £3 per watt. Compare this to an oversized pulley wheel (OSPW) that may retail at over £200 and will save between 1-3 watts, Socks4Watts are one the best value marginal gains you can make. #AeroAF